Creating a test

Are you a professional working in an institution serving deaf children/adolescents and would you like to assess the signed language development of your students?

Are you a professional in tertiary education teaching a signed language to students and are you looking for the technical infrastructure to implement assessments for your students?

Are you a researcher interested in signed language linguistics and looking for the appropriate technical solution to implement, for example, your psycholinguistic tasks?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, SLAS is the right place to implement your project. We offer support in developing your own signed language assessments and the technical infrastructure to host your signed language test.

We offer three packages covering different needs (basic user, advanced user, power user). You can subscribe to one of these packages on a monthly or yearly basis. Each package offers a different number of features available to you for implementing your assessment project.

The features common to all three packages are:

  • implementing tests/tasks to assess receptive sign language skills
  • creating different types of test items, for example, multiple-choice items or short answers
  • managing different types of users, for example, test participants and test administrators
  • creating an online background questionnaire for test participants
  • uploading and managing test materials, such as videos and images
  • providing a score report online and as a download

For a complete overview of all features, see the download (will be added shortly).

If you want to learn more about these different possibilities or would like to subscribe to one of the packages, please contact us either by email or via Skype (slashaug).

You can also register for a trial account with limited functionality to get an idea of the features of the signed language assessment portal (will be added shortly).